GoShip - A smart real-time marine navigation service

Our project at Copernicus Masters 2018 and Copernicus Accelorator.

Conceptual design of the applications

Our project at Copernicus Masters 2018 (Finalist 3 of University Challenge) and Copernicus Accelorator.

A used name was MaNSAM:

MaNSaM is a revolutionary smart marine safety routing assistant application offering small-scale vessels more reliable customized routing services with respect to marine safety. Users receive marine routing and navigation services by simply inputting their own requests through mobile or PC apps. Computing work would then be done through MaNSaM cloud servers considering all kind of environmental and marine traffic factors. Customers will be able to reach the service by subscription or licensing.

Jingyao Su
Jingyao Su
Doctoral researcher of GNSS navigation

My research interests include GNSS navigation, integrity monitoring and uncertainty modeling with interval mathematics.